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In case you haven’t seen any of the materials, The Kelsey Group’s new parent company, BIA, is launching Winning Media Strategies, its first full-fledged conference. The developer of the conference is BIA’s Rick Ducey, who previously was head of research at the National Association of Broadcasters. The event is geared to provide broadcasting, cable TV and newspaper execs with practical strategic tips from leaders who have a “winning” track record.

Broadcasters, in particular, haven’t been as engaged in local online, online video and wireless development as you would think, given their highly leveragable strengths in each area. This conference is set to get them going.

During the event, there will be special discussions from such media luminaries as Emmis Radio‘s Jeff Smulyan; the USC Annenberg School’s Adam Clayton Powell III (a pioneer in computer journalism); Sezmi‘s Bruno Pati; HipCricket‘s Ivan Braiker; GeniusRocket‘s Mark Walsh (“Mr. Vertical”); Greenspun Interactive‘s dynamic duo of Chris Jennewein and Rob Curley; AOL Search’s John Kannapell; my former colleague Gordon Borrell; and Lynda  Clarizio, who recently left the helm at AOL’s Platform-A (and should have plenty to say about online advertising).

The conference also takes advantage of its location at a historic landmark hotel in Washington’s leafy Woodley Park to provide assessments of how regulation and legislation may affect media during the Obama administration.

It’s a funny subject. I first moved to Washington in 1986 because legislation and regulation were more important than technology for media innovation. That obviously changed by the early 1990s, but new initiatives by the Obama administration should have some impact.

Former FCC Chair Dick Wiley, who many consider the most influential figure in the D.C. media regulatory world, is heading up the discussion here. All in all, it should be a thoughtful, useful and stimulating event. You can register here.

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