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Here is an interesting take from Kirk Whisler, who runs something call the Latino Print Network. His assertion is that while print may be a waning component of U.S. media generally, it is still going strong in Spanish-language media.

Whisler asserts that while English-language newspapers may be in freefall, the same should not be assumed about Hispanic print publications, particularly magazines and weeklies. He acknowledges the steep drop in the number of Spanish-language Yellow Pages directories in the United States, but attributes the drop to the failure of two over-leveraged firms (we assume he is referring to Hispanic Yellow Pages of America and HYP Network).

We think he may be off the mark regarding Spanish-language Yellow Pages, which battle with incumbent and independent print directories for ad dollars in a shrinking market. But his broader point that print may be doing better in certain market niches than the market as a whole is worth noting.

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