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There was a great deal of valuable content and takeaways from last week’s Winning Media Strategies conference. In case you weren’t able to attend or catch any of the webcast, here is a roundup of our own coverage (also see MediaWeek write-up).

More From WMS 09: How to Get an ‘A’ in Online Display

Last week at the Winning Media Strategies conference, AOL’s Platform-A called out the imbalance of supply and demand that currently exists in online display advertising. With respect to ad impressions, the supply side has exploded in the past few years with the changing ways that people are interacting with online media. The increase in page views from things like social networking, for example, has created a glut of inventory. (read more…)

WMS ’09: Local Advertisers Talk About Their Ad Choices

Local advertisers speaking at WMS ’09 in Washington, D.C., this morning had plenty to say about how they perceive their choices in advertising, online and off. Dianne Bonanno, senior manager, marketing communications, The Graduate School, said that her adult education company is doing good business. “In a downturn, people invest in themselves and institutions,” she noted. (read more…)

WMS ’09: Radio, TV Seek to Extend Reach via Wireless

Emmis Communications President and CEO Jeff Smulyan, speaking at WMS ’09 in Washington, D.C., said radio chips beat cell towers in cases of emergency communications, and can be put into every mobile phone for 50 cents or less — a message he had just been pushing in a day of lobbying on Capitol Hill. The entire installation would be just $1 to $2 per phone. (read more…)

The Sales Debate at WMS ’09: Interactive Specialist or Sell-It-All?

As more and more digital products and partnerships are introduced, a real debate is emerging whether they can be sold by a traditional media sales type who may be more focused on core product, have limited time to make his or her case (and apparently, a “C student” as well). (read more…)

D.C. Insider Dick Wiley at WMS ’09: Broadband Is Top of Agenda

Broadband is at the top of the agenda for the Obama administration and the FCC, with digital TV a close No. 2, according to influential Washington lawyer Dick Wiley, who was speaking at BIA’s Winning Media Strategies. Broadband is going to be “the big one,” with a special focus on underserved, vulnerable parts of the population, said Wiley, a pre-eminent communications lawyer in D.C. who previously served as FCC chairman 30 years ago. (read more…)

WMS ’09: New Tech Is Redefining the TV Experience, Business Models

New digital technologies using ATSC-DTV standards are redefining the TV experience and enabling new business models, said Glenn Reitmeier, VP of tech standards and policy for NBC Universal, who was speaking at BIA’s Winning Media Strategies conference in Washington, D.C. “We are at a really exciting phase” akin to General Sarnoff’s use of radio receivers to redefine the radio industry. (read more…)

WMS ’09: Arbitron Sees ‘Explosive Growth’ of Video, Social Networking, Mobile, Internet Radio

The use of online video, social networking and mobile services has “exploded” in the past year, and Internet radio is a big contender to join this group in 2009, according to Arbitron Executive VP of Sales Pierre Bouvard, who was speaking at BIA’s Winning Media Strategies conference in Washington, D.C. (read more…)

Many Nods Given to Mobile at Winning Media Strategies

One thing that stood out as a theme throughout today’s sessions was the mobile opportunity. It was mostly discussed in terms of how the mobile device can extend the viewing or listening audience in an incremental fashion. “Building on a mature media platform, mobile has the ability to extend home-based viewing,” said Glenn Reitmeier, NBC Universal VP of technology standards and policy. (read more…)

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