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Local Insight Regatta Holdings announced the consolidation of its two principal operating subsidiaries, Local Insight Yellow Pages and The Berry Co. The consolidation was accomplished by merging Local Insight Yellow Pages, Inc. into The Berry Co. LLC.

The tagline for the updated brand is now “Your Local Leads Expert,” which was chosen to convey Berry’s range of local search solutions. In addition to print Yellow Pages, these include Web site development, SEM (including Google AdWords), SEO, video and IYP.

LIYP is the seventh-largest YP directory publisher in the U.S., publishing in 36 states. It’s the official publisher of all print directories for Windstream Corp. and 79 other telephone companies.

The Berry Co. provides a variety of outsourced services to directory publishers in 26 states. It also operates IYP directories and is an authorized reseller of

In the press release accompanying the move, President and CEO Scott Pomeroy emphasized the brand legacy of Berry and the corporate objective of providing its SMB clients with multiple media to connect with their customers. Pomeroy articulated Berry’s evolution from a single product provider to the role of an advisor or agency for its SMB clients.

This development, and the rationale, are totally consistent with our take on the key evolutionary trends in the YP industry today.

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  1. I decided to take a chance on Local Insight media and ordered ad space in about 15 different books. I have yet to receive one call in an entire year. I am a very busy business owner and keep pushing this out of my mind for more urgent tasks but while driving to a job I phoned a friend to do some research for me. ZILTCH. I went directly to their website and did a look up in my own town. Nothing.
    I am not there. I have been paying for over 6 mnths for something I don’t have. I am in no hurry to pay them.
    I may just get a lawyer

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