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A few months ago, we talked to and profiled JiWire, a company that specializes in ad targeting within commercial Wi-Fi networks. Through this, it reaches 20 million monthly uniques and is able to come up with valuable data to target ads based on location, demographics and income levels (think airport executive lounges).

The response rates and ad performance seem to support this targeting strategy. This week, it released data showing that the pilot advertiser in its “Ads for Access” program achieved greater than average campaign results. This included 39 percent clickthrough rates (average online CTRs = 0.2%).

From the release:

Hyatt Place reached mid-week travelers in some of the nation’s largest airports, offering 20 minutes of free Wi-Fi access in exchange for viewing a 30-second video advertisement. The campaign, called Free Wi-Fi Wednesdays, was designed to build brand awareness for Hyatt Place among a highly valued demographic — the hard-to-reach business traveler. The objective was to highlight one of the hotels’ key amenities — free Wi-Fi access — by providing that same service at airports in exchange for viewing a video tour.

Of the 39 percent who clicked through, 68 percent opted to complete the program in exchange for free Wi-Fi access, equaling a total completion rate of 27 percent. In this case, the ad’s success was due to a combination of the “value exchange” (free access) and the contextual and location-based targeting of the message.

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