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Small-business video ad provider SpotMixer today unveiled version 2.0 of its flagship DIY production tool. According to the release:

Among other new features, the ad campaign management component of the service gives businesses the ability to target their customers by location, gender, income level and age. With these upgrades, SpotMixer reinforces its already-strong reputation as a leader in building ease of use into a powerful online service that helps businesses manage the entire cycle of online video ad campaigns — from ad creation and distribution to reporting of results.

SpotMixer partners with Google for video ad creation within AdWords (Google TV Ads program), as well as SpotXchange, a video ad network. All told, it has access to a growing distribution network that currently includes “thousands” of Web sites, according to the release.

As part of the V 2.0 release, SpotMixer is also offering a 30-day free trial. The new features join current offerings including the core DIY dashboard, ability to add video to an existing Web site, and hosted landing pages. These landing pages are optimized with maps and Yelp reviews in addition to the video centerpiece.

Stay tuned for an announcement tomorrow (currently under embargo) from another DIY video ad provider that targets the small-business market.

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