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kelsey_icon_rgb.jpg Here is a recap of posts from last week, in case you missed any. Click below to read each post in full.

Mobile Local Discovery: A Conversation With Aloqa

A few weeks ago, we covered Aloqa and its most recent funding news, but today I was able to catch up with CEO Sanjeev Agrawal to dive deeper. The application, currently in the Android marketplace, is a container for series of “channels” that represent location-based points of interest. These include “coffee,” “restaurants,” as well as some branded channels like McDonald’s. There are default channels and others users can add and customize. (read more…)

Inman SF Connect: Yelp COO Geoff Donaker

Yelp COO Geoff Donaker, subbing at the last minute for a “very ill” CEO Jeremy Stoppelman, told an SF Connect audience that Yelp’s base of 24 million + unique “Yelpers,” 7 million reviews and “thousands” of advertisers represents a rich opportunity for any vertical small business — including Realtors. (read more…)

Inman SF Connect: CEO Steve Berkowitz

For years, has been widely predicted to fail, even with an audience that is more than twice the size of its next closest rival. Its technology has not been considered innovative, the quality of its customer service has been questioned, and pricing has also been considered out of line. (read more…)

Inman SF Connect: Redfin’s Glenn Kelman

One of the big new ideas of the consumer resolutions during the past few years has been Redfin, a real estate service that provides consumers with comprehensive home buying tools and pays real estate professionals flat fees with bonuses based on the quality of their service as judged by consumers. (read more…)

Jivox Updates Its SMB Video Ad Platform

Following closely behind the launch of Spot Mixer’s version 2.0, Jivox has announced a new series of SMB video ad creation tools. This also follows the May release of its video management tool for publishers. The new features include (according to the release): (read more…)

ERento Pushing Local Rentals in U.S. and Europe

ERento, a Berlin-based e-commerce site for all types of local rentals, has recently expanded beyond the German-language countries to the U.K. and the U.S. The site has 9,800 rental firms signed up to use its commission-based leads program and processes more than 4,500 daily inquiries from 50,000 visitors. (read more…)

JiWire’s Location-Based Ad Targeting Achieves 39% CTRs

A few months ago, we talked to and profiled JiWire, a company that specializes in ad targeting within commercial Wi-Fi networks. Through this, it reaches 20 million monthly uniques and is able to come up with valuable data to target ads based on location, demographics and income levels (think airport executive lounges). (read more…)

SpotMixer Upgrades DIY Video Ad Product

Small-business video ad provider SpotMixer today unveiled version 2.0 of its flagship DIY production tool. According to the release. SpotMixer partners with Google for video ad creation within AdWords (Google TV Ads program), as well as SpotXchange, a video ad network. All told, it has access to a growing distribution network that currently includes “thousands” of Web sites, according to the release. (read more…)

Leadership Change at TargetSpot

TargetSpot has announced that founder Doug Perlson has stepped down to launch a new venture. His replacement is Eyal Goldwerger, an online advertising and e-commerce veteran. TargetSpot, which is backed by Bain Capital, CBS Interactive and Union Square Ventures, aggregates the online stream of radio stations and other online music services to build up its listener base and sell local and national advertising. (read more…)

YouTube’s ‘News Near You’ Working to Expand Local Media Partners

YouTube’s “News Near You” service has signed deals with 200 local media outlets to post their videos, according to reporting in The New York Times. The Google-owned company will share ad revenue with these outlets, whose numbers are likely to increase. More than 25,000 news sources have been invited to participate. (read more…)

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