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Out of home is rapidly evolving, and so are the players in it. This week, Danoo and IdeaCast, which recently merged, announced they are rebranding the combined entities as Reach Media Group.

RMG will initially focus on three segments: the Business Traveler network, the Health & Fitness network and the Urban Mobile network. Combined, the three nets have 15,000+ screens nationwide and will deliver more than 30 million impressions monthly.

A press release notes that “RMG’s Business Traveler network aggregates affluent, on-the-go business travelers in more than 150 airport retail locations nationwide and more than 7,800 seatback TVs on JetBlue, Frontier and Continental Airlines. The Health & Fitness network delivers social, image-conscious fitness enthusiasts while they are working out in more than 700 health clubs and hundreds of DMAs. The Urban Mobile network reaches the on-the-go urban professional at multiple touch-points throughout their days in more than 850 venues in dense concentration in the top five markets.

“The media landscape is changing,” said Garry McGuire, RMG’s CEO, in the release.   “People are increasingly consuming media throughout their day, untethered to traditional channels and often away from home. “Our technology brings many of the features that advertisers have come to expect based on their experiences online, including contextual relevance and greater accountability, into the offline world. By specifically connecting advertisers with their targets, our new structure eliminates the waste associated with traditional forms of advertising.”

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