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The idea of national retailers using the Web to add a local presence is always a good one, at least up on the white board. But up to now, such stores really haven’t had much to say at the local level.

Now, Puma’s sneaker and athletic wear outlets in Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Francisco are having a go at it. As DM News reports, Puma is highlighting one employee per store to “bring the brand to life.”

The featured employee will be the focal point of a variety of activities in the stores, and favorite spots around town and scavenger hunts will be highlighted on local city guides. Employees will also vote on best shoppers, with results being shown on Facebook.

“Most people find it easier to connect with the person that works in the shop around the corner from them and eats in the same restaurants or goes to the same bars that they do instead of some model in another city,” said a rep from the agency.

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