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Here is a recap of posts from last week, in case you missed any. Click below to read each post in full.

JD Power Roundtable: Social Media Key for Ford

All accounts from last week’s JD Power’s Automotive Roundtable in Las Vegas suggest that Ford Group VP Jim Farley laid out a really compelling picture of how a major manufacturer looks at its opportunities in digital and especially social media. (read more…)

Real-Time Search, Part II: Local

In the previous post, I promised to address the local angle of yesterday’s blitz of search engine/ social media deals. Many of the concepts apply to local: We’ve looked at a few examples in the past such as the efforts of Praized Media to marry local search with Twitter-like feeds. (read more…)

Real-Time Search: Now It’s On

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock today, you’ve heard about the deal between Google and Twitter and that between Bing and Twitter and Facebook (I know, it’s confusing). Essentially these deals boil down to Google and Bing getting access to Twitter’s (and Facebook’s in Bing’s case) feed of real-time status updates. These will be displayed alongside traditional results in some way that will likely evolve over time. (read more…)

Ex-Chicago Trib Staffers to Provide Chicago Content for NY Times

Local news blogs may have trouble making their economics work. But what if their content can be picked up and paid for by major media outlets? That’s the model behind the Chicago News Cooperative (CNC), a new organization of former Chicago Tribune staffers. (read more…)

Association Merger Agreement Finalized

The long-awaited merger agreement between the Yellow Pages Association (representing publishers) and the Association of Directory Marketing (representing Yellow Pages ad agencies, or CMRs) has been approved by the groups’ respective boards. Now the deal faces membership approval, which appears all but certain before the end of November. (read more…)

Cablevision’s Newsday Goes Behind the Firewall

Cablevision has made good on its threat to put the online version of Newsday behind a firewall, accessible only by print subscribers or online-only users willing to pay $5 per week. Classifieds will remain free. (read more…)

Poynting the Way: A Conversation With Multiplied Media

Today I had the chance to talk to Multiplied Media, the company behind the fast moving Poynt mobile search product. In the past year, it has planted its stakes as the most popular mobile local search app for BlackBerries. (read more…)

Mary Meeker: Mobile Will Save Our Souls (and Much Love for iPhone)

Morgan Stanley Managing Director Mary Meeker gave her annual brain dump to the Web 2.0 Summit yesterday, painting a picture of a mobile-centric media world on the horizon. At the heart of her argument was the contention that location (mobile device’s inherent portability and location awareness) will drive much of this innovation and value. (read more…)

BIA/Kelsey Research: 9% of SMBs Using Twitter

A BIA/Kelsey press release today reveals data from Local Commerce Monitor, indicating that 9 percent of small businesses use Twitter to market themselves. Thirty-two percent of SMBs meanwhile intend to use social media in their marketing in the next 12 months. (read more…)

Apple Earnings Rise on Strong iPhone Sales

Apple announced fourth-quarter earnings today with profits of $1.67 billion ($1.82 per diluted share). This is up 47 percent year over year from $1.14 billion ($1.26 per share), beating analyst expectations of $1.60 per share. (read more…)

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