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AgendiZe has rolled out a third-party online scheduling and booking tool that allows publishers to sell SMBs booking and appointment capability via their IYP listing with a widget they can drop onto their own Web site or into an e-mail marketing campaign.

The service offers an open API, so existing online scheduling services can adapt their product to the AgendiZe tool. This makes sense because there are so many scheduling products, many of which are customized to a particular vertical. One example cited in the announcement is the hotel booking service BOOKDirect.

The scheduling tool is a component of the AgendiZe Engagement Platform, a collection of more than 100 features, including click-to-call, call tracking, save and share, click-to-chat and video-to-action.

The AgendiZe platform includes “save for later” tools that allow users to capture contact details for a small business, for example, to call later. In a recent briefing with BIA/Kelsey, AgendiZe CEO Alex Rambaud shared some details on how its save-for-later features perform. His main point was that save-for-later features have good conversion characteristics.

Here is what he says about how save-and-share features perform:

  • “Seventy percent of the user actions are save-for-later.”
  • “Save-for-later generates 1.3 calls per action the same month and 1.36 calls per actions four months later.”
  • “Our capabilities generate on average 25,000 actions per 1 million monthly unique visitors, depending on user interface and usability.”

Some of the AgendiZe platform’s biggest users in the global directory space are Yellow Pages Group (Canada), PagesJaunes (France) and Trudon (South Africa).

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