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Search Engine Land reports that Google has officially extended its mobile pay-per-call program to include its content network (AdSense) in addition to search. This was announced at May’s I/O conference but this week goes live.

The dynamics and pricing will be much the same as they previously were for search ads. The differences will come down to user behavior and advertiser demand, commensurate with the longstanding differences between Google’s search and “contextual” ads.

The existing mobile pay-per-call program and its merits were broken down in an interview I did with Google back in February, which you can read here.

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  1. This is a very good point and it’s significance cannot be understated especially as marketers who value phone calls become more and more aware this fact and use it to increase their ROI.

    Now, I am headed back to read your interview on this subject…

    Thanks for the topic.

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