Motorola Announces Plan to Split Into Mobile and Enterprise Units

Motorola will split into “Motorola Mobility” and “Motorola Solutions Inc.” by early next year, according to a filing made July 1 with the SEC. The Mobility unit will include the mobile device and cable set-top box businesses, while Solutions will contain Motorola’s enterprise and networks businesses.

The idea for the split was first introduced last year, and is meant, in part, to revive its Droid-centric mobile device business, which earned $2.48 billion for the March quarter, with net losses of $212 million. The plan allows both units to leverage the strength of the Motorola brand. The Motorola logo and trademarks will be owned by Mobility and licensed to Solutions.

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  1. LDMerriam

    Long term, the branding problems will be hurting the spun off companies. Makes me wonder if they can’t figure out the branding, how will they succeed in the marketing long term?

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