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Millennial Media is out with its monthly SMART report for September. Along with the standard data points of its ad network activity (i.e., platform breakdowns), a few other angles are included. Specifically it reveals interesting nuggets about the types of ad targeting it’s seeing.

Among the ads placed across its network, 44 percent are targeted in some way, while the remaining 56 are positioned for broad (non-targeted) reach. Within the 44 percent slice, 42 percent are geotargeted, meaning that 18.5 percent of overall ads on its network are geotargeted.

The rest of the targeting methods include demographic and behavioral and break down as follows:

These are telling of the incidents of local advertising and line up pretty well with the inputs and assumptions behind our recent mobile local ad forecast (and related broader forecast to be released next month). More interesting will be seeing how these numbers change over time.

Like any data set released by one network, it’s not necessarily representative of the overall market but still very much telling and directionally relevant. We have posts that examine most of the past monthly SMART reports and will continue to keep a close eye on any trends that emerge.

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