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I just had the chance to catch up with mobile app developer Appcelerator and mobile analytics vendor FortiusOne, regarding a new partnership they’ve formed.

Appcelerator is a heavyweight in the app production space, with an output of roughly 1,000 apps per month for major brands, marketers and enterprises. FortiusOne now brings to the table its Titanium +Geo analytics engine for location-based interaction on these apps.

So basically Appcelerator now has a greater value proposition in not only building apps but also supplying the analytics dashboard for usage activity. This spans from basic usage, all the way up to running promotions and campaigns and tracking things like coupon redemption.

The idea is to better understand how people are using your app and then iterate accordingly in terms of what content, advertising and location-based promotions to push.

“This brings us up to speed and gives us a spot at the table to talk with big brands and agencies,” said Scott Schwarzhoff, VP of marketing for Appcelerator. “It’s long been a part of the business plan, but now it’s part of the business model.”

A demo revealed a pretty impressive integration. A robust dashboard lets marketers see overhead map views of who is using their apps and who is interacting in desired ways such as accessing or redeeming coupons.

Companies can then do A-B tests and iterate marketing strategy based on network activity in addition to overlays like population density, time of day and demographics. Beyond marketing, this can also have value as a CRM tool, says Sean Gorman, president and founder, FortiusOne.

One question is whether brands and enterprises are ready for it. Schwarzhoff agreed the need to first push it to early adopter clients that have dedicated marketing resources. It will also make more sense in certain verticals and categories that are more transactional.

“Taken together, geo plus commerce opens the kimono for how we’re looking to not only have a great analytics offering but connect analytics to other value added areas relevant to location,” said Schwarzhoff.



See more in FortiusOne’s promo video and the Appcelerator integration video.

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