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Last week we wrote about Foursquare’s new trial to promote a nationwide venue for its users to check in to. What better way to get it going than Suber Bowl XLV?

Now the fix is in: Besides a few overwhelmed servers, it was a success. The Foursquare blog outlines some of the metrics including 200,000 check-ins. This makes it the most checked-in venue on Foursquare ever, and the largest mobile check-in event on any product, ever.

A few more stats from the blog post:

— From the creation of the venue onwards, Packers fans outnumbered their Steelers counterparts. At no minute during the game was Steeler Nation stronger.

— There were check-ins from Super Bowl parties in all 50 states, and 125 countries, including 13 check-ins from the Vatican. The NFL truly reaches everyone.

Like we said last week, this trial could represent a longer term model for national venue check-ins (think brands, events, or TV broadcasts). Its success now makes that even more apparent. Foursquare GM Evan Cohen will be at our ILM East show next month to shed some more light.

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