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In the realm of mobile analyst geekdom, Christmas comes every time Mary Meeker shows up somewhere with her now infamous data dumps (last one here).

The latest was today’s presentation to Google’s ThinkMobile conference — one of her first appearances since leaving her longtime post at Morgan Stanley to try her hand at venture capital with Kleiner Perkins.

As she normally has a knack for putting things into perspective, the long presentation’s highlights included comparisons to smartphones, tablets, and previous top-selling electronic or mobile devices.

In this case, the comparison was iPhone, iPad and iPod sales, during their respective first three quarters of availability. The massive scale of the latest (iPad) technology dwarfs that of the earlier iPod.

This has a lot of implications for the growth of connected mobile devices, including the content and ad delivery opportunities espoused on this blog and others daily.

Along the same lines of things that “happen” on these devices, a similarly interesting chart shows app downloads compared with iTunes song downloads — again in their first respective three quarters.

One caveat here is that this shows unit growth as opposed to revenue growth. The majority of apps are free, which of course eliminates price elasticity. But still notable.

Lastly, Meeker cites her new colleague and VC legend John Doerr in a new phrase we’re likely to hear more in the coming months: SoLoMo.

It of course refers to emergence and collision of Social, Local and Mobile media. That three-way intersection is something we’ve examined for years and still stand behind.

Lots more to dissect here but those points jump out immediately. The entire presentation is available on Scribd.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for sharing these stats. I like your reference to the “emergence and collision of Social, Local, and Mobile media”.

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