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You’ve probably heard by now that AOL has continued its content acquisition streak by acquiring hyperlocal news and blogging network will beef up Patch‘s hyperlocal content and also its team, as it continues the ambitious plan of cracking the hyperlocal nut. Mark Josephson and company have some solid perspective and technical chops in that department.

My colleague Peter Krasilovsky, currently predisposed at a conference in NYC, was able to catch up with Patch President Warren Webster, who had this to say about the acquisition:

“We really believe in the model we have right now, pairing local journalism with tech and the efficiency of scale. represents outstanding technology to scale even faster. [They have] tools for journalism to make us more robust; a fantastic group of engineers, product people, and business people. Mark [Josephson, CEO] has been steeped in this space for a long time. We’ll exponentially achieve more than either one of us could separately.”

More analysis to come from Peter later today …

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