Eniro Rolls Out Nordics PPC Ad Network


The Scandinavian directory and local search player Eniro has unveiled a pay-per-click advertising network, which it calls Scandinavian Ad Networks. The product leverages traffic from Eniro’s own properties (including eniro.se, gulesider.no, krak.dk, and kvasir.no) as well as third-party partner sites to feed the network.

This launch is part of Eniro’s strategy of becoming a dominant player in digital advertising in Scandinavia. Eniro once had pan-European ambitions, but now is focused largely on three markets — Sweden, Norway and Denmark — where it hopes to solidify its place as the leading homegrown player in local search and online advertising. Eniro has largely divested its operation in Finland, though it maintains a voice (DA) business there.

A key partner in this effort is Amdocs, which provides the platform for Eniro to offer a pay-per-click advertising that is competitive with Google AdWords.

The new ad network is part of a clear effort by Eniro to be the dominant player in online advertising in the Nordic markets. From the press release:

The advertising platform is based on an open and user friendly interface where advertisers, either with the help of Eniro’s editors or by themselves, can design and publish pay-per-click advertisements in local search results and on branch-specific websites. The new platform can also be integrated smoothly into existing media agency systems for increased efficiency.

The pay-per-click market is growing rapidly and we will be a clear and relevant alternative. We have grown in the market are during 2010 and are planning for a continued growth rate, says Mathias Hedlund, Eniro’s SVP for group products and services.

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  1. Anna Bjørkman

    A short correction as to which websites are included within the Scandinavian Ad Networks: eniro.se and krak.dk are correct, but in Norway the correct url is gulesider.no and in addition to that there is also kvasir.no
    This is a good alternative for those who are interested in reaching the scandinavian market!

    Anna Bjoerkman
    Kvasir.no, Eniro Norway

  2. Charles Laughlin

    Anna, Thanks. We have made these corrections to the post.

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