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ILM East
Today at ILM East, Gail Goodman CEO of Constant Contact kicked off Day 2 with a provocative and as she said “controversial” call for local players to collaborate in helping SMBs fully participate in local social marketing by finding an industry mechanism for sharing reviews. She reflected on her early days at Constant Contact and believes that without an industry-wide commitment like those that put together a set of e-mail marketing standards, the early days of e-mail marketing would have been severely compromised.

Goodman went on to describe the challenges SMBs face — severe lack of time and limited knowledge about how to participate in the emerging local social marketing arena.

She then presented Constant Contact’s recipe for success — simple, easy-to-use tools, coupled with know-how insights (how to best to use the tools) married with some high touch coaching leads to empowered SMBs.

With its recent acquisition of Bantum CRM, Constant Contact can now offer its 450,000 SMB customers additional tools to further the engagement with their existing customers and cement relationships with new customers that will come from the burgeoning daily deal space.

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