Telmetrics to Run Call Tracking for Yelp

Telmetrics announced today that it has been chosen by Yelp to run the site's call measurement. This includes reporting to advertisers the volume of calls they received through the site (involving unique tracking numbers). According to the press release: Telmetrics’…

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AT&T Next to Launch Daily Deal Site

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that AT&T Interactive will join the growing list of directory companies to launch a daily deal site. AT&T Interactive CEO David Krantz told The Journal that he believes AT&T could be "fast followers"…

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From the Department of Self-Serving Surveys

Social media? Overrated. Search marketing? Yesterday's news. Yellow Pages? Seriously? The real small-business marketing silver bullet is, apparently, the uniform. Yes, we're talking blue-work-shirt-with-a- logo-and-a-name tag uniform. According to a recent survey, conducted at Suffolk University's Sawyer Business School, the…

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AOL on Today’s Acquisition

You've probably heard by now that AOL has continued its content acquisition streak by acquiring hyperlocal news and blogging network will beef up Patch's hyperlocal content and also its team, as it continues the ambitious plan of cracking…

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Hotpot Takes Another Step Toward Mobile

Google's Hotpot was a notable product launch that got lots of attention in the tech press and analyst corps, but hasn't yet generated the mainstream attention it deserves. That should change, and especially when it finds its true calling in…

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iPad 2: No Big Surprises, but Another Fine Piece of Work

Many of you no doubt heard that the new iPad2 was just unveiled. The invitation for the press event made no secret that it was an iPad related announcement (a giant “2” signified the date as well as “iPad2”).

One surprise, however, was the appearance of Steve Jobs mid-sick leave. He started out with some general stats around Apple products that were positioned as the “post PC blockbusters” (iPod, iPhone, iPad). Here are a few numbers announced:

— 100 million iPhones sold
— $2 billion paid to iOS developers
— 200 million iTunes accounts
— 100 million iBooks downloaded
— 65,000 iPad specific apps (compared with 100 apps for Android’s Honeycomb tablet OS)

On to the main event: 2010 was positioned as the year of the iPad. But 2011 so far has been the “year of the copycats,” including HP, Samsung and Android (ouch!). Still, Apple sold 15 million iPads in 2010, accounting for $9.5 billion in revenues and a 90 percent market share.

Now to once again set the bar is the iPad2. The impressive list of new features includes:

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The Local Reviews Ecosystem — Threats and Opportunities Abound

One of the slides we presented at last week’s Social Local webinar was from my Local Reviews Ecosystem post. We sped through it and given the brouhaha that has been bubbling up between Google and reviews sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor over the past year, I thought it might be of interest to repost it.
local reviews ecosystem

As I mentioned in the earlier post, in my survey of 20 SMB SEM consultants about their top social media client priorities for 2011, review generation and review management was by far the highest on the to-do list.

As you can see from the infographic, the ecosystem is complex, just like the entire local search ecosystem is complex — David Mihm’s chart on how local search services are connected deserves to be included in a Where’s Waldo book. But within that complexity lie amazing green fields of opportunity for innovation. Some thoughts on how you might approach the sector:

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Who Attends BIA/Kelsey Events?

In the run-up to any given BIA/Kelsey conference, I'm continually asked about the makeup of our typical audience. This is a good question from both attendees and speakers trying to devise the proper tone for their presentations or prepared panel fodder.…

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Mobile Discovery Marches On

It's no secret that local discovery is becoming one of the central trends in mobile advertising. This replaces the search based paradigm that ruled the desktop, in favor of pushing content that is geographically relevant. The portability of the device…

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