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Local display ad provider iPromote has launched a new demand side platform meant to streamline ad  placement for SMBs. Known as iPromote Local DSP, it will employ real time bidding to optimize placements and provide SMBs with easier access to premium sites.

From today’s press release:

Real-time, demand-side optimization has revolutionized the way in which advertisers buy online display ads. With real-time bidding, advertisers can finally target an ad for a specific user at a specific price, as opposed to grouping individuals and making an averaged pricing decision across all of them. This ability, combined with the explosion in the availability of high quality targeting data allows advertisers to drastically reduce waste and increase ROI. Until now, these capabilities were only available to the largest agencies and big budget advertisers.

The real-time bidding structure should also level the playing field and make it easier for SMBs — a segment where iPromote increasingly hangs its hat — to access premium sites. This comes to the tune of the 12 billion daily ad impressions that the Local DSP reaches.

The iPromote Local DSP provides instant access to an impressive 12 billion ad impressions per day without the risks and minimum spend requirements found in traditional media buys. Instead of bulk-buying impressions across broad categories and locations, iPromote uses automated real-time buying (RTB) technology to target individual audience members on a per impression basis. Using RTB to automatically target and purchase inventory across multiple websites allows iPromote to greatly simplify the purchasing process while providing a superior local advertising experience for consumers and publishers alike.

This should all give iPromote a leg up in the geotargeted display ad market, which we project to grow at a 10 percent compound annual growth rate over the next five years. This also joins its Webpage-to-Ads platform that gives SMBs a simple and streamlined toolset for display ad creation.

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