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Finding and buying daily deals on a mobile device is about to get easier. Monster Offers, the mobile banking solutions provider and daily deal aggregator, will deploy a series of consumer and business banking solutions under a new subsidiary this quarter. The announcement comes a month after the company signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Zala, a person-to-person mobile sharing and payment solution service.

Once in operation, customers will be able to log in to a virtual bank account over a secure connection. There, they can surf, find and purchase deals on a one-click payment system. Customers will also be able to transfer money between accounts.

“Our long-term vision is focused on helping daily deal providers improve their customer experience while also providing higher value to their participating merchants,” says Monster Offers CEO Paul Gain. Monster Offers recently launched its Hyper-Local Daily Deal Reporting Program to help providers improve the revenues and profits of local and regional deal programs.

The company will also introduce new mobile technology this year to address pain points in areas of loyalty, rewards, payment processing, merchant services and a Daily Deal eWallet. There will also be an app allowing consumers to track, manage and redeem deals.

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