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Today at the Social-Loco conference in San Francisco, Google’s Marissa Mayer announced a formalized version of the previously launched Business Photos in select cities.

Meant to be “street view for interiors” it will seek to capture the insides of local merchant shops to further boost appeal for both users and advertisers. Everyscape has been doing this for years and Google’s efforts should further expose the space (bad pun intended).

In addition to a step closer to “organizing all the world’s content,” this is a move for Google to better appeal directly to local merchants. This comes after it shuttered and relaunched local reseller efforts as it felt it wasn’t getting represented well to the SMB segment.

Places, Tags and Boost and Hotpot were all part of this effort to create a clearer value proposition to SMBs, and interior photography furthers that end. So much so, Google hopes, that it’s eating the cost of dispatching photographers to merchant locations that sign up.

Lots more to say about this as well as other announcements made today by Mayer, which we’ll cover soon. Meanwhile, check out the slick video below that further explains interior merchant photos (and incidentally shows our ongoing theme of better Google ads).

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