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Following posts over the past week (here and here) about app development and adoption, Germany-based research2guidance is out with fresh data showing that Android will overtake iOS in app volume by August 2011.

The intersection will happen around 425,000 apps, the firm predicts. This extrapolates from current volumes and growth rates, including Android’s 28,000 new apps in April compared with Apple’s 11,000.

The ultimate irony here is that it doesn’t really matter. Sometimes mistaken for a mark of strength in mobile OSs, app counts reaching the stratosphere have little bearing on the seven or eight that you’ll actually use regularly.

It is important to note, however, different attributes of each platform if you’re an app developer looking to reach a certain audience or accomplish certain functionality. Android, for example, has a much lower share of paid apps than iOS.

And there are lots of other important variables on the checklist that will determine platform relevance for any developer, despite what some would have you believe (BIA/Kelsey report on that checklist is in process).

But all that is more on the developer end. For the user, hundreds of thousands of apps starts to approach meaningless territory, beyond marketing (or sales pitches to mobile novices on the showroom floor).

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