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Unless you search via toolbar or live in a cave, you’ll come across Google’s home page pretty early in your day. But if you haven’t seen it yet today, check it out.

Google has taken one of its famed home page “doodles” to new levels today to commemorate the 117th birthday of late American dancer and choreographer Martha Graham. As always, clicking on the logo brings you to related search results.

It’s a step above the standard doodles because it’s animated and pretty slick. The dancers in the animation spell out the Google letters as they perform actual dance styles pioneered by Graham (see video below).

Designed by “motionographer” Ryan Woodward, it’s fitting to the subject and perhaps a sign of more things to come for Google.  In one way, it’s similar to the continued improvement of Google’s advertising production quality.

You can see all Google’s past commemorative home pages here.

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  1. I always enjoy the Google Doodles, dispite what others complain about them. A little fun in the day is a good thing.

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