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More vertical deals are being introduced, as vertical publishers with specific audiences seek to tie deals to existing content, and prove to have better conversion than watered down, one-size-fits-all approaches.

A few weeks ago, we wrote about Local Offer Network’s B2B efforts with Cardinal Health. Now, NimbleCommerce has been pushing on the vertical space, and announced today deals built around golf (GolfNow), kids (8moms by Kidville) and dining ( and Restoboom). GolfNow, for instance, will offer discount tee times and deals on golf-oriented travel, lessons and equipment.

The new offerings also anticipate building multi-merchant experiences, such as “stay and play” golf weekends with restaurant deals included. The additions make up for Nimble’s loss of OpenTable, which has dropped its deals offering.

“For vertical publishers, NimbleCommerce provides a number of advantages, including the ability to integrate deals tightly with content offerings,” notes a Nimble press release. “Publishers can offer the convenience of single sign-on, tie in to existing merchant portals and publisher content, and seamlessly deliver experiences and deals to mobile devices.”

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  1. I am a FAN of Kelsey but…………. again the industry falls short of connectivity in the WWW? The terms e.g., B2B, B2C, SMB (and the list is long)are not defined so the intended target has a clear understanding?

    The connection has to take place between and with the local merchant/vendor (who offers product and or services)and the local consumer seeking product and or services locally (from the local merchant/vendor).

    For those who think that the WWW has anything different to offer than the “Sears Catalog” of years gone bye should step out of the box (wait… obviously the WWW is a better mouse trap but it still is a mouse trap).

    I am posturing with some verbage that comes from a LMV (Local Merchant/Vendor) although some might use the term SOB (Small Ordinary Business, sic).

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