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During the first ever public presentation of Google Offers at ILM East today, Google Offers head Nitin Mangtani noted that Google Offers is now live in 40 cities, but he emphasized that Google’s after more more than just deals. The local commerce space is much broader and richer than deals, although deals are very exciting, he said.

Google wants to “enable an ecosystem that connects consumers more seamlessly, and drive e-commerce for all,” added Mangtani. Publishers should work with Google to “get noticed, get customers and get paid,” he said.

Google’s local vision is to help local businesses connect with consumers, noted Mangtani. Deals are part of discovery, but so are other promotions; just as Places are part of Locate, Wallet is part of Purchase, Adwords is part of Research, and Wallet is part of purchase. The company also wants to work with external partners. A company such as Idea Labs’ Punch’d could be part of Become Loyal, he noted. Google Offers currently works with 30 partners, including such companies as Gilt City, Zozi and KGB Deals.

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