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EXAI is a white-label solution for SMBs based in Israel with global resellers, that offers hosting, domain purchasing and website development. I caught up with CEO Gal Moran, who expressed one of the major challenges in selling website services to SMBs. According to Moran, only 35 percent of SMBs in EXAI’s market have a website. The top two reasons that more SMBs don’t or are reluctant to pay to have a website built are cost and “templates that are too rigid,” Moran said.

EXAI’s site builder produces multiple websites by using customer data complemented by EXAI’s repositories and other resources. Customers can then choose their preferred website and have it created in real time. Website information can also be altered by using the drag-and-drop interface. Once a user wishes to publish, matching sites for both Facebook and mobile are automatically created. Next week, EXAI plans to introduce upgrades and additional features to its platform. Here’s a look at its current website builder.

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  1. It’s a good site builder but these days there are so many website builders offering free sites, that the competition is too much and users have an advantage. You can also check the site builder from Zoho and, which has many beautiful designs to chose from.

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