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ScreenHunter_104 Jun. 01 15.56 launched its online repair scheduling tool today which allows potential customers to view and compare open appointments using data from its parent site, National Electronics Warranty, LLC. The new venture is an extension of its parent site that provides extended service contracts and product protection programs. But instead of post-sale customer support, primarily focuses on decisive actions that precede a sale.

Before the launch, we discussed the new site’s value proposition to both customers and service providers with General Manager Chris Spanos. Unlike other companies more focused on high volume leads for service providers, Spanos says’s focus is on “higher quality leads at the stage where a customer is ready to act.” allows customers to view a side-by-side comparison of local service providers. In addition, Spanos says the site gives customers more “power” to pick their preferred product and brand. Once these selections are made, matches each customer to an applicable service provider and displays available appointment times.

ScreenHunter_103 Jun. 01 15.18ScreenHunter_105 Jun. 01 15.56

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  1. They have done a great job with the user interface.

    Its super easy to find and book local contractors, and the site is very beautiful.

    Fantastic innovation!

  2. commercial shows service person coming into home and placing a metal tool box onto the customers dryer. I feel this alone would not speak well for the service person. I was a service tecnician for 38 years and I would never ever do something like that.

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