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This week, Yodle announced the integration of mobile-optimized websites, mobile ad bidding and distribution to its product suite. The mobile solution has already rolled out to more than 30,000 existing SMB customers. New customers can also expect to receive the solution moving forward. This approach is part of Yodle’s commitment to generate quality inbound calls and emails at the lowest price.

According to BIA/Kelsey and vSplash, only 7 percent of SMBs have mobile-optimized websites. Yodle views mobile channel optimization as a core feature of its marketing platform and a competitive advantage for its customers. It has also leveraged existing distribution partnerships to expand customers’ reach to 95 percent of all mobile browser search.

Yodle’s media bidding technology ClickRank optimizes a combination of ad placements across both mobile and desktop channels for each customer. The company plans to establish additional mobile distribution partnerships, including planned expansions into in-app search queries.

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  1. This looks like a great move by Yodle.

    Only 50% of SMB’s have a website, but all of those should have it optimised for mobile!

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