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Our inaugural SMB Digital Marketing event keeps building and building. We’re being welcomed to Chicago for the Sept. 17-19 event by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and have already announced key speakers, including Dex One CEO Alfred Mockett, Constant Contact CEO Gail Goodman and Demandforce CMO Patrick Barry.

Now, with early discounts ending today, we’re announcing a number of new speakers. On the keynote front, we’ve added ReachLocal President Nathan Hanks. Reach, of course, is one of the largest independent sales organizations in the local industry. As industry watchers, we are always watching them for SMB insights and innovations.

We’re also adding a number of industry leaders, and some great innovators. Belly CEO Logan LaHive has gotten a lot of attention in Forbes and other places for his efforts to provide an “act two” to the deals and promotions space via loyalty for SMBs. Belly is being backed by Groupon co-founder Eric Lekofsky and Andreessen Horowitz among others. We’ll be keenly interested in what he has to say alongside other loyalty leaders, including Cartera SVP Marc Caltabiano.

Another great add to the program is GM Chris Spanos., backed by insurance giant NEW, is building a platform for service leads that also includes Spanos joins an all-star panel that includes Angie’s List Ecommerce head David Kerr and Deluxe Corp VP and GM, SMBs Gordon Henry (Deluxe = America’s biggest check printers, Orange Soda and MerchEngines).

Mobile is going to be a big topic here too. Speaking on a mobile session is App Express CEO Mary Beth Brendza (formerly with User Friendly Media) and SMB Commando Dick Larkin, who will share his insights into text-based marketing from his day job as VP, American Marketing and Publishing.

Finally, we’re excited to add Yelp’s SMB outreach leader Darnell Holloway, who will share some of the insights that Yelp has learned along the way into what makes SMBs tick – and not. Holloway will complement two full panels of SMBs that we’ll bring in to talk about what they really find useful in digital marketing.

Alfred Mockett, CEO, Dex One
Gail Goodman, CEO, Constant Contact
Patrick Barry, CMO, Demandforce/Intuit
Nathan Hanks, President, ReachLocal

Featured Speakers:
Mary Beth Brendza, CEO, App Express
Ron Burr, CRO, CallFire
Marc Caltabiano, SVP, Cartera
Stephen Gibbons, VP, Dex One
Gordon Henry, VP, GM/SMBs, Deluxe Corp.
Darnell Holloway, Leader, SMB Outreach, Yelp
David Kerr, GM, eCommerce, Angie’s List
Logan LaHive, CEO, Belly
Dick Larkin, American Marketing & Publishing
John Pletz, Sr. Reporter, Crain’s Chicago Business
Shawn Riegsecker, CEO, Centro
Chris Spanos, GM,
Pam Springer, CEO,

We’ll be announcing more great speakers in coming weeks (hint: one of them starts with a ‘G’, ends with an ‘E’). But early discounts end today. Why not sign up here and save?

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