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In considering mobile strategies, small businesses are focused on being found, but there are very different issues than simply searching on Google. Telmetrics’ CEO Bill Dinan, speaking at ILM West in Los Angeles today, noted that small business owners all have smartphones, and they are using them in a very different scenario from mobile just a few years ago.

The impact on their engagement with users, and conversion rates, is palpable. Yet business owners still are not maximizing mobile to their best advantage.

“One size doesn’t fit all,” notes Dinan, saying mobile now takes its place fully in a multi-platform world that includes smartphones, tablets and other channels. If a service requires a lot of research — such as reviews –they should be focused more on tablets, he notes.

Travel is an extreme example of a research heavy vertical. Restaurants, in contrast, are smartphone heaven. “Eighty percent convert within a day, and 60 percent convert within an hour,” adds Dinan.

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