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Google SVP of Advertising Susan Wojcicki told the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting today in Phoenix that “we are a B2B business but we need to move as fast as consumers do.”

Choice, control, charm, connectedness and calibration are the 5 Cs of the next generation of advertising, said Wojcicki. “Users will participate if we provide enough value and control; and if ads are more interactive and beautiful.”

Mobile has tremendous potential, and is already deeply integrated into the consumer experience. “But we haven’t yet developed all the ad models that will exist for mobile,” she said. Location, for instance, is one of mobile’s most important features. But it isn’t always maximized.

This is even true at The Arizona Biltmore, the IAB’s conference hotel. “We all have mobile. We all work in advertising. We are all staying here. But how many got an offer from this hotel?” she asked.

The industry would do better to follow Starbucks leadership. If registered mobile users buy a pound of coffee, they’ll get a $5 coffee card, she noted.

Google SVP of Advertising Susan Wojcicki at IAB

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