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Local Service Pages, a new publisher in NY who launched a Bronx book in the fall of 2012 is extending the usage of the print books with their Staten Island Book. They are the first directory publisher to have a “fully interactive book” through their actable ads.

The Local Service Pages is not your ordinary book; it focuses on service-based companies, a category that continues to have solid usage. CEO Derrick Bliss has a strong belief that the print product will endure and continues to innovate on this idea with the Staten Island edition. The book has a new interactive ad form called “Actable Pages”. According to Bliss it “extends the brand of companies and gives consumers a reason to hold on to the book”.
The ad works by downloading the Free Actable App to an Android or iOS device, opening the app and scanning the entire page or ad that is set up as an Actable experience. The entire ad is then scanned  and by holding the phone or tablet over the ad that is set up you view whatever experience is embedded. It may be a video or slideshow appears on the page on your device or it may be a 3D experience that happens between your phone and the page. According to Bliss this is a great example of how publishers will use interactive print to attract and retain users while generating additional revenue from advertisers wanting to extend their content.
Even better the ad is portable, the image can be emailed, posted and shared. To see the ad in action, download the Actable app and use your phone to scan the image of the cover.

Local Service Pages new fully interactive book
Local Service Pages new fully interactive book

Bliss says that their next book, Brooklyn will also carry this ad format for advertisers.

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