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I recently had the opportunity to speak with Bruce Burke, CMO of M-ize. That’s m-ize like monetize, and mobilize which is exactly what m-ize does with its social media platform. The focus of m-ize is on specific product categories and expertise so that reviews and posts are more relevant to what a consumer is seeking, and offering more targeted leads for businesses that interact on the social and mobile platform. According to m-ize“The mission of the company is to bring smarter consumers all together to connect to products, community, advice and customer support.”

For consumers, they can use the company’s new app, My Products, to track products they own, read reviews on products they are considering buying, create wish lists, and locate deals in their area. The value in the My Products app is that it allows consumers to learn in more detail about the products they desire from their social graph and from expert reviews in each product category. With topical brand search, users gain insights from category experts from a few expert sources rather than being inundated by opinions of the masses on sites like Yelp. Their wish list approach is similar to eBay and other sites allowing you to share these desired products and gather opinions to drive a purchase decision.

Now here is where the real value comes in. The My Products app allows users to enter product registration and warranty information into the app so a consumer can track when they made the purchase, warranty periods, maintenance information, customer service contacts, accessories and parts information and model numbers. Often times, this is information that gets lost or misplaced after the purchase but is critical to maintaining a high level of satisfaction after a purchase is made. Owning the pre-purchase and post purchase experience, m-ize’s My Products app can capture reviews of buyers as well as follow-up reviews from purchasers who have required customer service. The customer service aspect of high consideration purchases like electronics often drives the quality, believability and relevance of reviews.
Brand Interaction ModelSmart Blox menu of mobile services. The menu of services approach allows m-ize to customize the mobile experience for each brand or company based on the needs of their buyers and what services are most important to the company.
Smart Blox
Companies that are seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the pre and post buying experience have the ability to build customers for life. Utilizing expert reviews and content specific to product categories, particularly high consideration purchases, often can drive intent to a higher degree creating leads further down the purchase funnel. Post purchase insights and support is an interesting purchase cycle to watch and we expect more activity in this segment of the market to generate leads, enhance brand engagement and allow for greater post purchase sales opportunities with extended warranties, accessories and repairs. Help us expose more of these post-purchase models by sharing company and products names in the comments section below.

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