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Wanderful Media will use Goodzer‘s local retail inventory data to support its recently relaunched Find&Save localized shopping platform. Goodzer’s data includes more than 2.5 billion inventory items from more than 500,000 U.S. retail stores.

The newspaper consortium-owned Wanderful Media recently rolled out a retooled version of Find&Save. Wanderful hopes the retooled platform will reinforce ties between the newspapers and the national retailers and brands that have traditionally driven their (estimated) $4 billion circular/insert business.

“The Goodzer relationship arms consumers with shopping intelligence through its local merchandise data, bridging the process of online discovery and the actual sale in a local store,” said Ben T. Smith, IV, CEO of Wanderful Media. “This comes on the heels of the launch of Find&Save, an online community that engages shoppers around local sales and products, with the intent of driving shoppers into local retail stores.”

Goodzer recently launched an API that gives app developers, publishers, mapping/GPS providers, agencies and others the ability to build products around its data.

According to Goodzer, the deal with Wanderful aims to produce a more robust online/mobile version of the “discover shopping” user experience of browsing print circulars. Goodzer hopes to power similar experiences through other newspaper partnerships.

The Goodzer product information includes price, store location and product descriptions.

Wanderful Media provides reach into local markets across the nation with Find&Save, which is currently available in 50 of the top 50 DMAs (designated market areas). and presently has access to almost 100 million unique visitors per month throughout its network.

Here is one example of the Find&Save integration with a newspaper partnership, in this case the Washington Post.


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  1. We keep seeing more and more partnerships with brands and platforms for improved online shopping or retailing experience.

    The move by Wanderful should facilitate a better online experience with the use of Find&Save. In this situation, Goodzer should also be a winner!

    The above comment was left in the IM social site – where this post was “kingged”.

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