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Yesterday, I had the chance to talk to Zubair Talib, CEO and CoFounder of YaSabe, about the company’s efforts to reach the opportune U.S. Hispanic marketplace.

The opportunity comes to the tune of 52 million people and $1.2 trillion in spending power. To reach this marketplace, YaSabe is building a robust feature set of local search, classifieds, coupons, and social media. Importantly, it’s geared towards Hispanic culture, not limited to Spanish speaking.

And of course these features and strategies are all finding their way to mobile. Zubair tells me that Hispanics are 20 percent more likely to carry smarphones and are a rich target audience (side note: Nielsen reported yesterday that U.S. smartphone penetration has crossed the 60 percent barrier).

See below for my interview with Zubair, which speaks for itself.  We’re increasingly getting into such video interviews… reach out if you want to have a discussion in this format (

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