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As part of our ongoing video series, see our on-stage interview with Retailigence below. The company continues to innovate at the intersection of “big data” and Mobile/local. It’s building the largest database of sku-level product information out there.

This of course comes in handy as mobile shopping and search continue to ramp up. User buying intent for real world purchases tends to be higher in mobile, so providing more information to capture that intent is the name of the game.

This of includes calls to action like phone numbers and mapping which are key areas we continue to examine. Retailigence takes it another step with product information — not just what retailers carry but what sizes and colors are on the shelf now.

This is particularly fitting in product areas where there is a high degree of variability and specificity. Think clothing in different colors/sizes or consumer electronics with spec variations. In the interview below, CEO Jeremy Geiger and I unpack all of this.

And if it’s any indication of the speed of this market — and of Retailigence’s own pace of innovation — its usage has grown from even what was discussed in the interview. For example the company just recently baked in new functionality for product reserve/pickup.

The video is below and our past Retailigence blog coverage is here. You can also check out our recent white paper on mobile shopping and payments which relates. Lastly, we’ll cover all of this at our ILM conference in December in San Francisco. Hope to see you there.

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