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For the last month or so, I’ve been playing with the developer build of Wanderful Media’s Find & Save iPhone app. Today the app launched, just in time for the barrage of shopping holidays that the online and retail worlds continue to seemingly invent (Home Appliance Tuesday!).

In seriousness, the app addresses a unique use case at the intersection of local product search and deals. There are a handful of apps in this category each with different combinations of features. Find & Save differentiates on search & browse usability and depth of local shopping content.

The latter comes from Wanderful’s longstanding position of distributing circular content. This gives the company a comprehensive user experience, rather than the “cold start” challenge of many local shopping apps. And if we need to say it again, data will make or break mobile shopping.

Oft-underrated push-alert functionality is also included — key for the mobile use case developing around location based discovery. That will be pushed forward (no pun) in local shopping by things like iBeacon and Google Glass. Until then,push alerts are key (see Valpak app).

The free app joins Find & Save’s iPad app with a similar feature set, but more tailored for on the go use (Read: higher buying intent). There are also lots of personalization features to save items or retailers, in order to be alerted later when nearby…back to push alerts.

More on the feature set can be seen in the bullets below provided in today’s release. You can also download the iOS app in the App Store.

–All sales nearby. Shoppers will receive a list of all nearby stores with their latest sales based on up-to-date retail circulars and their current location. The app provides a map view of stores in the area and details like phone number, address and directions.

— Browse weekly ads. Whether they are browsing through the latest holiday circular while in the store, or checking out weekly ads of stores nearby, shoppers can browse sales across all retailers in one app.

— One shopping list across all devices. Instead of carrying around a bundle of circulars, or having to multiple lists scattered around a purse, Find&Save for iPhone brings the shopping list to the back pocket. Shoppers can access, create and/or edit the same shopping list on, Find&Save for iPad, and Find&Save for iPhone.

— New sale alerts. Shoppers can follow their favorite stores and opt-in to get notified whenever there’s a sale.

— Share deals with friends. Whether shopping alone or with friends, the app comes in handy for shoppers who want to quickly share finds via text or email.


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  1. I have had used Find&Save app for a long time to save some real money (gives real life bargaining opportunity) I loved using it but sad the developer no longer updates it hence not supporting latest iOS versions.

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