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Classified Ventures has put on the block, with a wide array of potential suitors getting ready to pony up big bucks for the No. 2 auto vertical property. And Yahoo is upping its game in search through its content deal with Yelp.

BIA/Kelsey senior analysts Peter Krasilovsky and Abid Chaudhry batted around these two hot topics today on the latest in our ongoing Analyst Roundtable series.

“Newspapers need money,” Krasilovsky said, answering the basic questions of why Classified Ventures (a consortium of five newspaper groups) would sell the No. 2 auto site.

Krasilovsky then posed the bigger question, “Who would buy this property?” The property could potentially be sold from anywhere from $2.8 billion to $3.6 billion — a level accessible only to the biggest media and technology players. Peter suggested Gannett and Google could be potential buyers, with Autotrader, the No. 1 player, being a potential dark horse.

Next, Chaudhry shared his insights on the recent Yahoo-Yelp partnership.

“This is a pretty big development,” Chaudhry said. “It provides more fuel to the fire to all the speculation that Marissa Mayer and her intentions to rebuild Yahoo’s search engine business.”

The big question is how will Yahoo compete with Google? Chaudhry doesn’t see Yahoo taking Google on directly. Instead, he expects Yahoo to carve out a niche for itself in the mobile search market. He highlighted Yahoo’s efforts to incorporate more native and streaming advertising from Yahoo’s Gemini platform.

Click on this video to enjoy today’s Analyst Roundtable in its entirety.

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