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YP has unveiled a new version of its mybook feature on, making the tool more social by enabling users to share their mybook content with friends via email, SMS and social media.

Mybook is a tool that allows users to organize local business information into customized categories like “Date Night,” “Home Improvement” or “Vacation Ideas.” Mybook users can tap into these stored lists of local business wherever they are, on the desktop or on a mobile device. Mybook also offers expertly curated lists, such as “Charming Hotels in Los Angeles.”

The idea behind mybook is to drive higher frequency user behavior, which ultimately builds the YP bolsters the YP brand drives more value for its advertisers. By adding social sharing capability, YP over time can create much more of a curated search experience, where users can tap into the recommendations of people they know by accessing their lists. It’s an experience that will feel much more Yelp-like than the original rather sterile online Yellow Pages search experience.

“The updated mybook experience is a smarter way to connect people with local businesses and a new approach to local search overall – one that combines a beautiful interface, endless opportunities for customization, and access to over 20 million local business listings across the US. By continuing to evolve the mybook experience, we’re giving people a better way to get things done, fast,” said YP CTO Darren Clark in a statement.

The company is promoting the new release with a five city “food truck” tour where consumers can learn about the feature and download the YP app. The truck is making the rounds in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Nashville, San Francisco and Seattle (all of which are important markets for YP ).


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