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After an action packed week in New Orleans for our SMB Digital Marketing conference, the video footage is starting to roll in. The first item — embedded below — builds on an announcement made at the show from Agendize: It has launched a smart watch app for it’s flagship online scheduling tool.

This comes in the wake of Apple’s watch unveiling, when the marketplace is attentive to all things watches. Agendize’s app will be available for Apple Watch when the device ships, but for now operates on the Android Wear platform, as well as Samsung’s watch OS.

The idea is that some SMB verticals can benefit from Agendize’s scheduling tool in this watch-based format. For example, home services are not only appointment oriented, but are often in the field and need quick access to that information. Think contractors on your roof or plumbers under your sink.

“They’re able to quickly interact with the way they do business, which is appointments,” said Agendize president & COO Alf Poor. “They can quickly review, take action and then move on. We find that concise experience is exactly what SMBs are looking for.”

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