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The holy grail of search — and some say the web’s next phase — is natural language search. It was Siri’s unfulfilled promise, Cortana’s ongoing goal, and Google Now’s (sort of) proposition. At its heart is a data science challenge, and that’s where Weotta comes in.

Known in the industry as having the best natural language chops, Weotta has applied it to the sticky, but potentially massive area of local search & discovery. This includes being able to search for “classy Friday night date” and get results in context… not listings with “Friday” in the title (TGI Friday’s… not so classy).

We discuss the ins and outs with Weotta founder and CEO Grant Wernick in the video below. We even get to see it in action with some real life local search comparisons through a live app demo (one of those search results got me out of the dog house later that night). Enjoy.

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