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What are the search marketing tactics that drive real traffic and conversions? It’s an important question as more user engagement is happening on smartphones. Campaign tactics and calls to action need to align with shifting mobile search volume (and intent).

The answer comes down to lots of tools from Google, Bing et al., to plant the right calls-to-action and location targeting in mobile campaigns. These include extensions for driving phone calls, product search or other location-relevant mobile conversions.

We walked through lots of these tools and extensions with Bing on stage recently. Though this was specific to Bing’s mobile ad products, some are conceptually similar to what Google and others offer (though they’re strategically differentiated in lots of ways).

Lots of concrete takeaways resulted: search marketing tactics you can implement today. This was a refreshing departure from the same old eMarketer and Mary Meeker slides about “how big mobile is getting.” We get it… now what?

The full session video is embedded below for LMW readers. More conference footage to come.



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