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Scheduling software programs for SMBs have had their ups and downs since they were initially introduced in the 2008-2009 timeframe. But the emergence of cloud platforms and the use of scheduling as an anchor for loyalty and leads programs suggests the opportunity is ripening. This is the subject of BIA/Kelsey’s latest Insight Paper: Scheduling as an Anchor for Commerce.

Indeed, MindBody, the largest scheduling company, has contracts with more than 42,000 SMBs. It is set to take advantage of its leadership position in a $100 million initial public offering. Opportunities are also suggested by Booker, which claims 90,000 professional users and processes more than 3 million appointments per month across 73 countries and in 11 languages; and by vertically integrated giants such as Intuit.

All in all, more than 75 scheduling programs currently compete for a potential marketplace of 2.6 million SMBs. These include horizontal SaaS scheduling providers; vertical subject specialists; and vertically integrated SMB marketing players that provide a wide range of services.

As the scheduling industry matures, a number of questions are raised:

1. Which types of scheduling platforms are best positioned?
2. Which specific companies will ultimately win in the marketplace?
3. Is scheduling a true SMB anchor, or just one feature in a platform?

We answer these questions in the Insight Paper, including projected business models and best practices. More can be found on the report’s landing page, including the executive summary and information on downloading a copy.



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