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In our ongoing coverage of call monetization, one benefit is the ability to influence large considered purchases. As we’ve mentioned, the need to talk to a human isn’t going away even in a digital era. That’s especially true for big ticket items.

One pricey vertical where this concept prevails is autos. Google reports the average dollar amounts where a phone call is likely to happen, and autos top the list at $1,195 . This makes sense as the purchase size requires careful consideration and hand-holding.

So what does all of this mean for local media companies, publishers, search engines and app developers? The size of these purchases and the prevalence of phone calls within the path to purchase, means that phone leads can likewise carry a premium.

And it’s not just driving the calls but applying the tenets of call analytics to better track calls for ROI and attribution metrics. Taking that a step further, it’s about analyzing and optimizing the upstream campaigns (i.e. search) that drive the highest-value calls.

We’ll discuss all of the above in a free webcast today at 2EST, co-hosted by Marchex. That includes BIA/Kelsey data and insights, as well as examples and best practices from Marchex and CDK Global. We’ll stick to straight-talk about the opportunities and tactics

Click the below graphic to register. Hope to see you there.

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