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Pete Ryan

The local on-demand economy (LODE) restores access to services that have vanished from Main Street in the flood of brands and big box stores. This according to Moon Valley Software CEO Pete Ryan, whom we interviewed at BIA/Kelsey NOW (video below).

Ryan points to Men’s Warehouse founder George Zimmer (“You’re going to like the way you look. I guarantee it.”) and his startup, zTailors. Launched in June and following the Uber model, the company dispatches tailors to customers’ homes.

“The business of being a tailor had been you were working for a department store,” Ryan said. “With the advent of big box sellers like Walmart, the consumer’s been deprived of a tailor to fit a suit or do just a simple hem. And [tailors] have been increasingly out of work.”

“Through George’s new company, now you can get a tailor right to your house if you need it. So, I think it will be less institutional and more mom-and-pop,” Ryan said.

Thinking in terms of the services that have disappeared from the local market is a productive lens for analyzing the LODE opportunity. Ryan shares these and other thoughts in the video below.

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