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Do SMBs really want a one stop shop solution for all of their digital marketing needs? This question is becoming more important as the stack of services being offered to SMBs grows broader and more complex. It’s becoming too much for SMBs to digest and too much for local sellers to take to market without an integrated approach. Unpacking this challenge will be a key theme at BIA/Kelsey’s upcoming SMB conference, Sept. 29-30 in Denver.

During a recent visit to Denver, Ann Crays, owner of Archadeck of Front Range, a home remodeling franchise, sat down with us to share some perspective on the “one stop shop” question and other challenges SMBs face in navigating the increasing complexity of digital marketing services. Ann and other local business owners will participate in a panel discussion at the upcoming SMB conference, where we will dive deeper into some of the conventional wisdom about what SMBs want from local service providers.

According to BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor, Wave 18 (Wave 19 will be unveiled at SMB), only 16 percent of small business advertisers prefer to purchase digital marketing services via a bundle, with 39 percent having no preference and 36 percent preferring a la carte. Price is the key driver, with 68 percent of those preferring bundles listing “price advantage” as a very or extremely important factor in their purchase decision.

Crays likes the idea of packaged solutions. But the higher the price, the more she questions the value.

“That would be optimal,” Crays said, referring to having all solutions integrated through a single provider. “Honestly, it will be dependent on price point. It has to be under $1,000 for small businesses.”

Crays’ business does custom decks and has expanded into other areas of remodeling. Check out the video below for more from our conversation with Ann. Look here for her remarks on SMB sales channels.

Thanks to bieMedia for its assistance with shooting and editing this video.

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