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What is deep linking and why is it important? It’s been discussed a great deal over the past few months, in light of the shifting ways that people are consuming mobile content (read: apps).

This has huge implications for Google and other tech giants as they all jockey for positioning at the front door of mobile user experiences. For example, Google’s Now on Tap initiative deep links to several apps.

There is a lot to this topic, and lots of implications for building business models around distributing local content and ads. We cover the topic in our newest format, Analysts Briefs: Insights in Under 5 Minutes.

Episode 1 is embedded below and we’ll have more topics in the coming weeks, including mobile payments, IoT, programmatic advertising and other emerging areas in need of explanation. Stay tuned for more.


Related: BIA/Kelsey will publish an Insight Paper next week on the next era of search and mobile local discovery.

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